Soundfield System are used in classrooms to provide a better listening environment for the hearing impaired student. They have proven to be beneficial to all students and Teachers. 



Soundfield Systems

Personal Communication 

The ability to be able to understand the Teacher in the classroom is the single biggest obsticle facing the Hearing impaired student. The use of the Personal Communications device provides a clear pathway while allowing the user hear the spoken word from fellow students



In this ever evolving section of the website we offer access to individuals and organisations that have dedicated their time to improving the lives of those with hearing difficulties. We will also provide testimonials from Schools and users alike.



When hearing loss is coupled with the acoustic challenges faced by all Students it is very easy to see why Assistive technology is so crucial.


Assistive technology can be divided in to two sections,


The Personal Communication System and The Soundfield System.


These Systems are designed to improve the quality of the Teachers voice over and above the surrounding background noise. The Personal Communication device delivers the Teachers voice directly to the Student while the Soundfield transmits to the Classroom as a whole.


In the sections and links below we will take a closer look at the products available and provide some useful links that will help you better understand the functions and benefits of using the Assistive Technology as well as looking at the underlying challenges that are encountered by both Student and Teacher alike.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students have traditionally lagged behind their hearing peers in terms of educational attainment. Being able to hear the Teachers voice clearly is a critical element in ensuring children progress and learn.


DeafHear’s Schooltech service works hand in hand with the Department of Education and Skills, the Visiting Teacher service and the HSE to ensure students with hearing loss have access to the best available assistive technology in the classroom.


The average Classroom is a very challenging listening environment for all Students and even those with perfect hearing will miss about 30% of the spoken word. This section of the Website will explore the myriad of different reasons for this.

Even Children with mild hearing losses are significantly at risk academically in the Classroom

HSE National Audiology review, 2011


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