Personal Communication Systems

MANUFACTURERS: PHONAK - COMFORT AUDIO work in conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills, the Visiting Teacher service and the HSE in the supply of Personal Communication Devices to Hard of hearing children and Students throughout Ireland.


The ability to be able to discriminate the spoken word in a noisy environment is the single biggest obstacle faced by the hearing impaired person. While it is very true to say that amplification technology has advanced to the extent of being able to filter out speech from other noise, it does not perform this action as well as the human ear and so in any challenging acoustic environment such as the classroom much of the spoken word can be missed.


Personal communication devices are provided with the sole intention of providing direct communication between the speaker and the Hearing Aid/Processor user.


Introduced in to Ireland in 2010, the Comfort Audio DM10, DH10 combination quickly became the preferred option for those experiencing ongoing difficulties with direct connections.


Today it accounts for over 50% of all the chosen personal communications devices. In spring of 2015 Comfort Audio was bought over by Sonova, the parent company of Phonak and this coming together promises some exciting technological advancements moving forward.


Comfort Audio is also heavily involved in third level and workplace communication where the DC10 and DC20 Conference Microphones, with their ability to pick up the spoken word over a far greater area, are proving a very effective solution in conference type situations.

In 2002 Phonak launched the first ever the micro Behind the Ear FM Receiver and so revolutionised the Classroom Personal communication device. Since then they have remained at the head of their field with the launch of the Dynamic System in 2009 and the introduction of the Roger Digital platform in 2014.


Phonak have a wide range of Microphones and Receivers for use in all areas of life from the Classroom to the work environment.

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