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Carol Flexer, Ph.D, Audiologist

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

The University of Akron and North East

Ohio Au.D. Consortium (N.O.A.C.)

Akron, Ohio, USA.




Dr. Flexer received her Doctorate in Audiology from Kent State University in 1982.

She was at the university of Akron for 25 years as a distinguished Professor of Audiology

in the School of Speech-Language, Pathology and Audiology. Special areas of expertise

include Paediatric and educational Audiology. She continues to lecture internationally and

has authored over 150 publications.


Dr. Flexer’s talks, Seminars and Work Shops focus on the development and expansion of listening, Speaking and literacy skill of Infants and children including those with all degrees of hearing loss. She is licensed as an


Audiologist and holds a CCC/A and the LSLS Cert. AVT.


Dr. Flexer has lectured in Ireland on a number of occasions, most recently in May 2015, and those lucky enough to have attended will readily talk about how her presentations have impacted on them and how important her message is.


Please click on the following link to access Dr. Flexer’s web site.

Dr. Flexer in conjunction with Lightspeed Communications has put together a series of mini presentations in relation to Auditory Pathway development in young Children, with and without hearing loss, and how it and other issues impact on their ability process the spoken word in the classroom environment.


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The Ewing Foundation is a UK national charity, promoting inclusion

and achievement for deaf children through listening and speaking.


Their team of Education Consultants and Specialist Audiology Technicians supports professionals in acquiring the skills and confidence needed to help deaf children use their residual hearing, access technology and develop natural spoken language.


Over the last 10 years a relationship between the Visiting Teacher Service in Ireland and the Ewing foundation has blossomed and is now considered as an important element of the service provided in Ireland. The Ewing foundation can offer an independent analysis on all of the Deaf Education Equipment provided and have, in the past offered excellent insight in to those products.


This section of the Website would not be complete without mentioning Mr. Paul Harris (above) who has been to Ireland on a number of occasions over the last 10 years. His input has been invaluable with his presentations on technology and his Laboratory analysis on various product.


Please use the following link to find out more about the Ewing Foundation.

Our New Ears is an organisation for parents of deaf children with cochlear implants, run by parents of deaf children, in Ireland.


Our aim is to educate, empower, support and listen to the parents in our organisation.

Ok, that’s the blurb. In reality we are mostly a group of elated, fearful, inquisitive, bragging, bashful, worried and proud parents (actually that can be just one parent in one day!).


What makes us different is that we get it. We know that the statistics like “1 in every thousand babies are born with a hearing loss” mean nothing when the only baby that matters is the one in your arms. 90% of babies with hearing loss are born to hearing parents, and these parents are often unprepared, and therefore overwhelmed, by the news.


We also know how it feels to have a deaf child say I love you, to have a disappointing or fantastic speech assessment, to marvel at a cochlear implant being used under water, and to think about our children’s futures, like, ALL of the time!


We are 100% voluntary, under the umbrella of DeafHear, and have grown rapidly from 10 members in 2012 to over 260 members today. Our Facebook page is only available to parents and guardians and to adults who themselves have cochlear implants. This provides a safe place to vent and ask questions, which is of utmost importance to us.

Cochlear Implants are surgically implanted devices that allow profoundly deaf people to hear. While they are simply remarkable in their design, the recipient requires a lot of rehabilitation, knowledge and support. That’s where we come in.


Advocating for our children and raising awareness of the magic and work cochlear Implants bring to small lives, we provide training, support, information and social events to our members . We have welcomed world leading speakers to Ireland including The Ear Foundation, Carol Flexer and AV UK. The Californian based John Tracy Clinic are due to arrive this November. We believe that there is no limits to our children’s abilities.


We punch above our weight, having campaigned to change Government policy in 2013 through the Happy New Ear Campaign, to provide two cochlear implants instead of one for all deaf children. We have a lot more work to do, and are working on changing policy again!


This autumn, for the first time, specially trained therapists from AV UK will provide six months training to speech and language therapists and audiologists from all over Ireland in an initiative by Our New Ears. We hope this will have huge implications for deaf children in the future.


We recently met with the NCSE on the importance of personal FM sound systems for children in a preschool setting, and are optimistic that this is something that we can help happen.

Three of our parents are training to offer support via telephone to other parents. We have seen the need for this, in fact we have felt the need for this, over the last 4 years.


Our New Ears is, more than anything, a rapidly growing entity. We will change our services and goals as we grow and learn. When technology and understanding evolves we move to respond always.


People ask us where we get the energy and the answer is simple. Our children.  


Facebook: Our New Ears. Facebook manager: Rachel Broderick.

Twitter @ournewears. Tweets by Michelle Fitzgerald.

Email: Managed by Lorraine Murphy.


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About Us

Since its foundation in 1995, the National Cochlear Implant Programme at Beaumont Hospital has been providing high quality care for adults and children with severe to profound hearing loss.  


The Cochlear Implant (CI) Programme is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of highly trained and qualified professionals specialising in deafness, including ENT surgeons, audiological scientists, speech and language therapists, teachers of the deaf, psychologists, and administrators.  The CI Programme also liaises closely with other specialists including radiologists, geneticists, ophthalmologists, interpreters, and social workers to provide a comprehensive patient centred service during the assessment and management of individuals on the programme.


The Service

Beaumont Hospital houses both the adult and paediatric programmes.  Assessments for CI suitability are carried out across all age groups, ranging from a few months to 80+ years old, and includes those with complex needs. 


Following assessment, once an individual is deemed to be a CI candidate and cochlear implant surgical intervention is chosen as the management option by the parent/guardian or patient the CI Programme provides lifelong management for CI recipients residing in the ROI.  This includes individuals transferred from other programmes worldwide.


The programme is completely publically funded and includes assessment, hearing aid fittings, surgical intervention, and all post operative follow up and management.  Currently the programme has over 400 cochlear implant recipients under its care and continues to grow.


For more details on this service please use the following link.

The HSE provide a comprehensive, family-friendly and integrated screening, diagnostic and habilitative audiology service for babies and children of all ages. Several methods can be used to test hearing, depending on a child's age, development, auditory attention and health status. Both behavioural and physiologic tests are used in the audiological assessment for paediatric patients.


The following link provides in-depth information on all the different strategies employed for paediatric testing and also offers a map showing where these services are provided.

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For Testimonials

The National Deaf Children's Society was founded in London on 15 December 1944 by a handful of parents of deaf children concerned about the impact of the 1944 Education Act on their schooling.  


The N.D.C.S. is a constant source of useful literature for the Deaf person or anybody involved in the life of that person.


School Tech recently came across the following booklet ( click here to download PDF ) and corresponding video presentation (above) which we believe could be most useful to a Teacher of a Deaf Student.



For more information on The N.D.S.C. please use the following.



+353 1 8175733 / +353 1 8175718