From: Maura Fitzsimons [mailto:Maura.Fitzsimons@XXXXXXREMOVED.ie]
Sent: 24 February 2016 12:06
To: info@annkellyhearing.ie; Eoin Roche
Subject: my sons experience of auditory processing disorder and the help he received.



Dear Ann and Eoin,


Just a quick Email to say that since Sean was diagnosed with APD and received his Roger hearing aid his life has changed completely. 


He is a changed boy. The teachers cannot get over how well he has improved at school not only academically but also from a behavioural perspective. There are no more outbursts in class as he can now he exactly what he is being asked to do and does it willingly.Before this he was getting into trouble for not doing as he was told or only carrying out half the task.

His reading and comprehension and speech are also at average to high average now which is a dramatic improvement to where we were last year. Even the spellings have improved dramatically.


The introduction of the hearing aid into the class was no problem at all and the teaching staff embraced it from the start. The other children think its 'cool'!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart from changing my boys life and allowing him to have a great school experience and to  reach his full potential.

I am truly grateful.






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